Every MyCard Protector purchase comes with a donation. Here's what your purchase achieves.

$9.95 each
includes $4 donation

A $4 donation from each card:

  • Will buy essential school supplies, or supports your local charity or club.
  • You select the number of cards.
  • You select the school, charity or club to receive the donation.

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Family pack
5 x $9.95
includes $20 donation

A $20 donation:

  • Will enable OzHarvest to provide 40 meals to vulnerable people.

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Work pack
15 x $9.95
includes $60 donation

A $60 donation

  • Will enable Ozharvest to provide 120 meals to vulnerable people

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School pack
250 x $9.95
includes $1000 donation

A $1000 donation can:

  • Will provide essential equipment for a school of your choice.
  • We will arrange a special payment to that school.

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product features

Around 1 in 5 Australians have been the victim of identity fraud.
Protect yourself from credit card skimming.

Why are credit cards at risk of being skimmed?

Most credit cards now contain an RFID chip for PayWave type transactions. If not protected, any scanner operating at the right frequency can skim their data.

How does MyCard Protector work?

MyCard Protector has a built-in RFID chip that powers up when it detects a scanner signal. It produces an electronic shield that stops scanners from obtaining information from nearby credit cards.

​How do you use MyCard Protector?

Place MyCard Protector in the middle of your wallet near credit cards. It provides protection for cards stored within 10mm to either side. MyCard Protector is almost the same size as other credit cards (85.5mm x 54mm x 1.5mm) , so it fits easily in your wallet.

Where and when will MyCard Protector work?

MyCard Protector provides 24/7 protection operating instantly anywhere in the world. It uses the power from any scanner signal detected to instantly power up.

Other Features of MyCard Protector

MyCard Protector is around 1/3 the price of similar RFID blockers, because we think protection should be affordable.

We donate $4 from each card sold to raise funds for worthy causes.

There is no battery to run flat, so you'll have protection when you need it most.

The RFID chip and antenna are sealed between 2 layers of plastic, making the card resistant to dust, water and heat.

fight fraud

Why is fraud a problem?

Around 1 in 5 Australians have been the victim of identity fraud. Fraud costs our community billions of dollars each year.

How easy is it to be skimmed?

RFID and NFC technology enable electronic pickpocketing. Personal data can be skimmed without you knowing it, anytime and anywhere.

Thieves can buy card skimming devices on the Net. Some mobile phones apps can skim card data.

Is it just credit cards that are at risk?

No. New passports and some driver's licences have an RFID chip that can be read.

What can I do to reduce my risk?

Put a MyCard Protector in your wallet to protect credit cards and licences.

Place a MyCard Protector in your passport when travelling.

Check your financial statements regularly, and contact your bank immediately if you notice transactions you did not make.

Watch How it works on YouTube


Fundraise for your school, club or charity. It's simple!

At GGJC, we want to raise funds for worthwhile causes. That's one reason we established MyCard Protector. We are associated with The Green Shed in Canberra, who have donated over $600,000 to charity.

How Does It Work?

Register your organisation to raise funds through our fundraiser: download now

Complete and sign the registration form, then post or email it to us. We list approved organisations on our website and provide them with posters and flyers to promote their fundraiser.

Customers can select their school, club or charity when they buy a $9.95 MyCard Protector or a multipack. We donate $4 for each card sold to the organisation selected.

That means for every MyCard Protector sold, your school, club or charity receives $4.00

Click on the links below to see who has registered:


Frequently Asked Questions

How does MyCard Protector work?

MyCard Protector has a built-in RFID chip which powers up when it detects a scan signal. It produces an electronic shield that stops skimmers from obtaining information from nearby cards. Store it in your wallet near your credit cards for ultimate protection.

How can I test MyCard Protector?

Watch the Electronic Shield Protection in action by holding it next to your credit or debit card when you try to make a contactless PayWave EFTPOS purchase. It will block the transaction until the MyCard Protector is moved away.

How Robust Are Mycard Protector Cards And Can They Be Damaged?

The working RFID chip and antenna are sealed between 2 layers of plastic making our cards dust, water and heat resistant. However, the cards can be damaged if bent or exposed to extreme heat.

Is One Mycard Protector Enough To Protect All My Credit Cards?

One MyCard Protector will protect credit cards within 10mm either side. This means that 1 card is usually enough for a standard wallet. But if you have a large number of cards or a longer wallet with credit cards spread out, you may need to use 2 MyCard Protectors to protect all cards.

Are Passports And New Chipped Driver's Licences At Risk?

Passports and some new driver's licences now have a built in RFID chip that operates at 13.56MHz, the same frequency as credit cards. A MyCard Protector located near these can stop them from being scanned.

Why is fraud a problem?

Around 1 in 5 Australians have been the victim of identity fraud. Fraud costs our community $8.5 billion each year. Credit card fraud rates are rapidly increasing and contactless credit cards can easily be exploited by organised criminals

What is card skimming?

Most credit and debit cards have an RFID chip that allows PayWave and other transactions. Fraudsters steal data by illegally scanning or "skimming" these cards. Some operate in crowds, others operate at a distance using powerful equipment with antennas. You may never see the thief that targets you.


Yes. Most Australian credit cards allow remote transactions (eg. PayWave and TapNGo cards). Anyone with the right scanner can illegally skim data unless the cards are protected. Thieves can buy cheap skimmers and sell your data online.

How does the fundraiser work?

We will give participating schools, charities and clubs a $4 donation for each $9.95 card sold from our website. Customers nominate the organisation they want to support from a drop down list when making a card purchase from our website. We provide donations to the registered schools, charities and clubs at the end of each month.

Why are we selling MyCard Protector cards so cheaply?

Our sale price is approximately 1/3 that of similar RFID blockers available, because we think protection should be affordable.

Can MyCard Protector set off security gates?

MyCard Protector may trigger some store security gates in some situations because it's RFID chip and credit card chips operates within the same frequency bandwidth as some security tags and gates. Whether gates are triggered will depend on the gate's specifications, the positioning of MyCard Protector in your wallet or bag and other environmental factors. Security gates are triggered for many reasons, so it can be difficult to isolate the cause. We are continuing to test and refine our product and hope to narrow the bandwidth on future MyCard Protectors if this can be done without compromising their effectiveness.


A secure postal service to shred and
recycle your confidential paperwork.

Don't Home Shred

Shredders for homes and small businesses are fiddly, messy and expensive to operate and replace.

Send and Shred Instead

1 in 5 Australians have been a victim of identity fraud. That's why we created Send and Shred, which securely destroys your paperwork in the most convenient way possible.
Our service works like registered post in reverse. Our specially designed, robust mail bags hold around 1000 A4 pages or two reams.
Bags cost $19.95 each plus postage and handling. This covers all costs for transport, tracking, shredding and recycling. We have no hidden costs.

How Do I Send and Shred?

Buy bags from sendandshred.com.au